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What Students & Teachers are Saying About AdoptED
  • Jennifer Rowe

    Ludington High
    I appreciate you providing such great curriculum for students AND spoiling us teachers. What a blessing!
  • Carissa Hollrah

    Knob Noster High
    I loved integrating the AdoptEd virtual classroom with my content this year and have added it to my list of resources to use in the future.
  • Cindy Howland

    I LOVE this opportunity for my students to learn first hand about adoption and the process, emotions and legality behind it. I also love the seed that is planted for future situation whether for themselves or friends/acquaintances in the future.
  • Nikki Sheppard

    Monahans High
    Their online curriculum was amazing for my high school students to learn about adoption.
  • Catherine Kazyaka

    I am a high school teacher and I love the many resources that Gladney provides! They have provided lots of hands on instruction including guest speakers. My students really enjoy learning about adoption!
  • Raine

    Very interesting and fun experience to hear what it’s like on the other side.
  • Student Love

    Amazing! We learned so much about adoption and making an adoption plan.
  • Heather Gutierrez

    Klein ISD
    I really like your course. I think the kids learn a lot, and I truly hope that if they if need this information one day, that they are able to recall it.
  • Bella Mitchell

    Lanett Senior High
    I love your program & always share when we use it in my class on my teacher Instagram account.
  • Amy

    It was a very educational experience & I learned a lot. I've always been interested in adopting & this gave me more in depth information about the process.
  • Jessica Pohlman

    Upper Sandusky High
    Thank you so much for the great program you provide for our students!
  • Kellie Sweitzer

    My students have completed a couple of the ADOPTED Virtual Classroom lessons to supplement what we cover in class on adoption and foster care. The lessons are user friendly, easy to follow and have useful information including personal stories for students to be able to relate. Thank you, Gladney, for this free opportunity for my students!
  • Erika Davis

    South Hills High School
    I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the virtual classroom! It was very informative; you guys really kept the information short and sweet. The length of the videos were perfect and had information to keep the students engaged. It was also very easy to share with my students, and none of them had any issues creating an account.
  • Addy

    I learned so much about adoption and the birth moms and what they go through
  • Erin Clifford

    Bolingbrook High
    I will make sure to register again in the fall to have a new class started. We LOVE this simulation! Thank you!
  • Cristy Boggan

    Houston High School
    I've used AdoptED in my classes for the past 2 years. I love it because it's a self-paced module that presents information about adoption in a relevant way to teenagers. Having the ability to grade the students' progress is a big plus, too!
  • Wendy Frisbey

    Samuel Clemens High
    I love your materials so much!
  • Izzy

    this place is so comforting and understandable and it’s really pretty inside and outside
  • Charlotte Banks

    Trinity High
    Just want to thank you for the fantastic program last Wednesday. My students loved it! They were engaged and had so much fun with the different roles they were assigned. I am continually impressed by the caliber of programs that Gladney provides.
  • FWISD Student

    I liked how many of the women in these modules were open to share their story. Because not a lot of women are comfortable saying things like that to be honey there wasn't i didn't like because everything was great. I love this because they included real stories.
  • Tanya McKee

    Plymouth High
    I love using AdoptED in my classroom!
  • Alliyah

    Very fun experience! I enjoyed the learning experience!
  • Elizabeth Harwell

    Burleson Centennial
    We always enjoy the field trips. It is such a delightful experience, and the generosity is enormous.